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Letter: Issue 21 is win-win for school, community

– The Columbus Dispatch | Saturday, Feb 22, 2020

The Columbus/Central Ohio Building & Construction Trades Council is honored to endorse Issue 21, which would allow Columbus State Community College to remain accessible and affordable for the more than 45,000 students it serves each year. As Franklin County continues its rapid and diverse expansion, it’s more important than ever that Columbus State remain strong, up-to-date and affordable for workers needing technical training, certification and associate degrees.

Columbus State is a strong partner with the Columbus/Central Ohio Building & Construction Trades. Passage of Issue 21 will generate $300 million and capital improvements spent in Franklin County will continue to provide job and training opportunities for our building trades’ members.

Columbus State is the most affordable higher education institution in central Ohio and is a critical part of our investment in the next generation of skilled workers.

The Columbus/Central Ohio Building & Construction Trades Council represents 18 labor unions and more than 18,000 members. The members of our affiliated labor unions build our roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and office buildings.

We strongly encourage our members and their families to vote “yes” on Issue 21.

Dorsey Hager, Columbus

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545 East Town St.

Columbus, OH 43215

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Citizens For Columbus State.

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